Views from a Viaduct…

Sussex natural hard and soft landscapingIn the very rare weather pocket when it was not streaming with rain this Sunday we managed to fit in a country walk to the Ouse Valley Viaduct, West Sussex. Just outside Haywards Heath, this amazing feat of engineering was built in 1841 with an astounding eleven million bricks.  It has 37 semi circular arches and is known as one of most elegant viaducts in Britain. What was so impressive was how the architecture seemed to blend so well with the landscape as if it was always meant to have been there. The shadows from the arches and the natural grasses at their base created a harmonious blend of hard and soft landscaping and the colours, even on a blustery day complimented each other beautifully. The large arches framed the fields and open countryside in a really stunning way and the view from the inside of the arches provide inspiration for all sorts of features you may wish to design and use in your garden, from brickwork walls to sculptures and water features.

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