Blustery sea and an East Sussex special…

Sussex landscapesWe enjoyed a blustery sea breeze bike ride along the Seaford promenade on Sunday. A promised round of hot chocolates later we had the energy to face the spray of the Seaford splash point – here a clear view of Seaford head awaited us. We would really recommend the Seaford head walk winding through the nature reserve within the South Downs National Park boundary.  Depending on tide times you can experience a wide variety of classic Sussex landscapes on this walk. Starting off high at Seaford Head car park the chalky cliff path leads you downwards onto a luscious green grass runway surrounded by stunning natural flora and fauna with a wonderful variety of wildlife (we once spotted an adder there!), this is one of the best places to get a panoramic view of Seven Sisters  – one to take your breath away. At the headland, steps lead you to the shingle beach below where there is some great rock pooling to be had…shrimps, crabs and star fish all delight when the pools deliver….and if the tide is on your side you are able to walk round towards the beach at Cuckmere Haven. Here you can take a lovely stroll alongside the meandering Cuckmere river full of oxbow lakes (also great for bike riding)….once rested, fed and thoroughly  sea-aired you begin the ascent back up towards the car park with cliff to your left and beautiful Sussex farming land to your right. A perfect walk and even better when the sun starts to shine (may be some time yet!)

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