Derbyshire Dams-Silent villages, Dambusters and Inspiration for Design….

Mad made landscape water featuresThe views from the upper valley of the Derwent in Derbyshire are stunning all year round. But the snow surround and icicle heavy banks of the reservoirs had even more dramatic impact this snowy Easter. A man made landscape constructed by the water board, the Derbyshire Dams have a rich history; Ladybower, the largest of the reservoirs hides two silent villages under its vast depths and the waters were also the location of the practice runs for the famous ‘Dambuster’ squadron of the RAF (it is said that the local hens stopped laying whilst training was in progress!)

Garden design for water features, fountains, overflowDesign inspiration comes from everywhere and the extraordinary Ladybower ‘water features’ which are actually for overflow are beautiful in form and boldness. When water is high and they kick into action they create spectacular water displays and although polar opposites in function to the nearby Chatsworth waterfall – just as captivating. Breathtaking walks and stunning gardens to be seen in this area….a treasured place with oodles of inspiration…

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