East Sussex woodland wonder – Natures garden keeps giving

Bluebells, tips for woodland shade, east sussex natures garden, woodlands walkwood anemone, tips for woodland shade, east sussex natures garden, woodlands walkWe love this time of year, the arrival of summer declared by the vivid blues of the Bluebell carpets to be seen in woodland walks all over Sussex. Those looking for tips for shade planting would do well to observe what performs in these glades of dappled shade. We loved the combination of Bluebells and the mass arrival of the delicate white faces of the Wood Anemone.

Hawthorne Hedge arch, garden blog, east sussex natures garden, woodlands walkOn this particular walk we were lucky enough to witness the beginnings of the grand flowering of the Hawthorn archway surrounding the path from one wood walkway to the next. Inspiration to design and build beautiful gardens is everywhere, particularly from the wisdom of natures garden. The Woodland Trust enables you to discover and add to information about walks in your area. It’s worth checking out visit woods to find new woodland paths to tread and to walk with the Bluebells while they are still in their vivid splendour.

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