Mud, mud, rain and hail – the stormy beauty of a landscapers favourite East Sussex Landscape

Natural campmudA day to ourselves and the call of Friston Forest rings loudly in our ears. The forest is a stunning Beech wood, which we often visit with the kids as it’s an ideal place for den making, hiding, seeking, mud squelching and generally running wild.

flooded fieldIt’s also the perfect place to walk, talk and stop to take in the spectacular views, a place to recharge and soak up the stunning beauty of where we live.  As this particular day would have it, soaking we did get! In fact, the sky opened almost as soon as our feet left the car! There is something wonderful about walking in a forest when it’s raining heavily, you feel somehow protected, peaceful and the landscape comes to life; the moss glistens, the bark deepens and the smell of the flowers and ferns enrich the air. We loved it!

Rusted water troughpuddleThe hail kicked in as soon as we got to the open fields (of course!) and our focus became the landscape and objects at feet level in an effort to protect the hail attack on our faces. Heads down and we see abstract reflections in the multitude of puddles and the delicate textile quality of a rusted water trough, look up and notice the intricate pattern of the hedgerows still holding strong in the unforgiving bluster. In calmer moments, the birdsong filled the air, so lovely to hear.  Although our boots resembled mud pies at the end of the walk and we were soaked to the bone, every single step was worth it.

A favourite walk in a very special East Sussex Landscape, check out The Forestry Commission and The Woodland Trust and follow your adventurous spirit (even if it’s in the rain……go for it!)

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