Nature’s Inspiration…

West Sussex Natural GardenPicnic strapped to our backs on a sunny Saturday, we began the ascent of Chanctonbury Hill to the top of the South Downs. The ancient woodland is a site of special scientific interest with magnificent trees, mainly Beech, Ash and Oak.  The exposed tree roots of the huge trees at the base of the hill provide great examples of how far root systems can travel as well as providing ideas for natural trellis and garden furniture. The woods frame perfectly the most beautiful views of the West Sussex countryside, bay hale filled fields – so perfectly sculpted and compact. Lush lime coloured ferns were highlighted by the streaming sunlight and the felled trees provided the best benches to rest our feet. To the top, and we found the perfect spot to relax and take in the great view of the sea whilst picnicking with the last spray of the wild flowers, wild white campanulas and bright red poppies swaying  in the gentle breeze.  Nature’s inspiration at it’s very best….

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