Simon Scott Landscaping Garden ‘WOW’ Christmas List

The Garden ‘WOW’ Christmas List

As Christmas approaches, we share the ‘WOW’ of a beautiful gift that keeps on giving. We also link to some wonderful living gift ideas we’ve grown ourselves in the past. This is a great time to create now for yourselves or for loved ones stunning gifts of buried treasure in readiness for Christmas. We also share a ‘WOW’ date for next year’s diary. Wishing you a lovely end of the year and a happy festive season.

The ‘WOW’ gift that keeps on giving

Back in August I was given a stunning bunch of flowers sourced solely from a friend’s garden. It included the prominent seed heads of the lovely cottage garden classic ‘Love in the Mist’, otherwise known as Nigella. My friend suggested that I should keep the seeds as this particular Nigella has the most vibrant blue flowers. I recently had such a joyful time harvesting them and packaging them up for future presents for family and me to sow in Spring. It really is the gift that keeps on giving and costs absolutely nothing except for some care and time. I’m also very excited to now be in a position to make my own contribution to Seedy Saturday’s seed swap next year. See here for some great tips from the RHS on the best ways to collect and store seeds. See below for Seedy Saturday’s ‘WOW’ date for next year’s diary.

The ‘WOW’ of a beautiful bundle of bulbs

Last year we made many of our Christmas presents with bulbs. One of our absolute favourites being the simple elegance of a huge white Amaryllis, a love of which was passed down by a maternal grandmother. Bulbs are like buried treasures that, as they grow bring excitement and real delight and wonder, A gift that lasts long after Christmas day and which you can watch slowly emerge and unfurl revealing their full beauty under the correct conditions. The daily ritual of checking how the plant has grown is a wonderful one. Last year the ‘WOW’ list highlighted some excellent posts on instagram, which gave some super advice from experts such as Ann Marie Powell, Anya Lautenback and Pollyanna Wilkinson. Go to this Garden ‘WOW’ List link from last year to find all the best tips you can think of for filling yours and your friends and familys hearts with wonderful bulb love.

Seedy Saturday – A ‘WOW’ date for your diaries

Seedy Saturday will be happening next year at Lewes Town Hall on Saturday 4th February. Always an excellent horticultural event, full of advice, seed swapping, workshops, talks, with an array of bulbs and plants and all things gardening for sale. Get the date in your diary!



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