Views from the river bank….East Sussex Landscape moments….Simon Scott Landscaping

River Ouse tree lineRiver Ouse natureRiver Ouse moody summerSummer living does not come better than this….the flora and fauna native to the River Ouse, East Sussex was on spectacular show this weekend. Four in a boat, oars in hand with clouds of electric blue dragonfly, basking fish and a gentle breeze guiding us through the natural garden of the river bank.

River Ouse viewReflections River OuseRiver Ouse bankViews to treasure, Swallows and Amazons we were, at bliss with the Sussex Landscape and at one with the world!…..Ok…so let’s be honest here….there was one particularly ‘interesting’ meeting with a huge nettle bank when the oarsman lost his way  (see last post for why, really this was not as funny as it seemed to some of us!)… but who managed to keep calm, carry on and join in with the peals of laughter coming from the little’uns end of the boat! Memories made, we will definitely be coming back for more..

We hired a boat from The Anchor Inn, Barcombe, East Sussex, which, weather permitting is open from 10am-6pm. We highly recommend getting there early as the river is much quieter at that time of the day.

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