Seaward weekend – Delights of the East Sussex Landscaper

Another rain filled East Sussex weekend and the landscaper of this partnership has certainly had enough rain to fill his boots over and over!But, in a possibly risky move we headed seaward to remember the delights of the salty depths.

sept 14 185sept 14 169sept 14 187Our Saturday walk along Brighton Marina was a rich bed of colour, texture and reflection. The old fishing boats became a springboard for imaginary tales of mermaids and pirates for our little ones adventurous souls.

sept 14 223sept 14 222sept 14 221Sunday was a lovely group walk/bike/scoot from Saltdean to Rottingdean. After bracing the sea air, we settled on the beach at Rottingdean, by ‘Molly’s At the Beach’ for delicious coffee. Adults catching up with life, while the kids scrambled like ants on the rocks searching out baby crabs and rock pool treasures. Back to Saltdean for lunch at the ‘Whitecliffs Café’, a great location, friendly staff and delicious Spanish food. We will definitely be doing this  again…..and only half an hour drive from Lewes – what’s a bit of rain anyway (she says wrapped up warm in the office!)

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